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Badminton World Federation   Celebrating
The game badminton wouldn't be the same without the work of the 'Badminton World Federation'... To help communicate this and launch their new branding, we worked with Bear Design to produce a short video that reveals their new logo! See it here.   With the aim of celebrating the first anniversary of an entertainment client's business to business brand, we were lucky enough to be asked to create the look of a live event... The occasion attracted hundreds of potential marketing partners and featured a number of sizzles, promotions and video interstitials.
Teresa Tideman   Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof
A great name in fashion and philanthropy - Donna Karan - recently announced her annual 'Women who Inspire' awards... And we were delighted to film a friend of DMI being honoured! Congratulations to Teresa Tideman who's tireless charity work and success in business earned her the accolade.   A great deal of acclaim recently for 'Prometheus' writer Damon Lindelof, whom we had the good fortune to interview last week... The screenwriter generously gave up his time to film an introduction to a charity premiere of Ridley Scott's 'Alien' progenitor when he was in town.

Competition competition  
Our last question was simply hard for some, hardly simple for others... And easy for everyone else: seems the numbers we listed were in alphabetical order! Tristan Nieto wins the colour changing 'Tetris' mug for spotting this.

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This month we'd like you to identify the veteran TV presenter whose surname combines a type of snake with the name of an elevated railway...
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Who is it? Who, who? Who, who? Email your best guess to for a chance to win an infuriating puzzle in which sits an inferior bottle of wine...*
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infor - mation!
With more people set to work from home than ever before this summer, click here for our top tips for making it a happy, productive experience!
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Any online content that's distributed episodically might be described as a Webisode!

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* Full rules available from Outright winner is determined by a random draw in which one name is chosen by The Editor. The Editor may substitute the prize at his discretion; all editorial decisions are final - the Editor kind of does what he wants but is quite thoughtful with it, though. For example, he gets up when he wants, except on Wednesdays when he gets rudely awakened by the dustmen. He puts his trousers on, has a cup of tea and he thinks about leaving the house... He feeds the pigeons; he sometimes feeds the sparrows too - it gives him a sense of enormous well-being - and then he's happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge there will always be a bit of his heart devoted to it.
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